Race Replication (20th July, 2024)

Race Replication (20th July, 2024)

Race Replication (20th July, 2024)
for 4 hours

JULY 20th, 2024

Time to test yourself, your gear and your nutrition for any upcoming races, especially the longer ones!

Our 1500m course will be open on 20th July for 4-hour sessions

9am-1pm, 11am-3pm, and 1pm-5pm

The course is mainly technical woodland trail with 30 obstacles.

You can choose to simply run the course as a trail run, bypassing all obstacles, include all obstacles in each lap, our recommended obstacle skip and run option, or any combination that suits your own training program.

Whichever option this will test you to the max.

The sessions will be supervised with coaches on hand to offer advice on technique and of course plenty of encouragement.

This is a great opportunity to test your fitness and skills before any upcoming races! Here are some tips and what to expect to help you prepare for any upcoming races.

1. Practice your trail running skills: As the course is a technical woodland trail, it's important to be comfortable running on uneven terrain with lots of twists and turns. This is an opportunity to get some practice runs in on similar terrain to build your confidence and improve your balance and coordination.

2. An opportunity to focus on obstacle-specific training: If you plan on tackling the obstacles during the event, make sure to practice the specific skills required for each one. For example, if there's a rope climb, practice your upper body strength and grip strength. If there's a wall climb, practice your jumping and pulling skills. Incorporate these exercises into your regular training routine.

3. An opportunity to test your gear: Make sure you have the appropriate footwear and clothing for trail running and test it out on similar terrain before the event. You may also want to bring extra layers and a hydration pack or water bottle for the longer runs.

4. An opportunity to practice your nutrition and hydration strategy: This event will test your endurance, so it's important to have a solid nutrition and hydration plan in place. Experiment with different foods and drinks during your training runs to see what works best for you.

5. Have fun and challenge yourself: Remember, this event is a great opportunity to push yourself and see what you're capable of. Don't be afraid to try new things and take on challenges that may seem daunting at first. And most importantly, have fun and enjoy the experience!

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